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I can help you identify which areas of your life you'd like to invite in greater wellness, simplicity, and beauty, and how to implement strategies to achieve these goals.

Greater connection with the natural world can decrease stress and promote feelings of calm, stillness, and well-being. 

Children who spend more time in nature have longer attention spans and score better on cognitive tests.


For a limited time, I'm offering free 40-minute phone consultations to discuss your goals, and how EarthMamaLove could possibly support you on your journey.

This is an opportunity to share some of your story
and to hear more about EarthMamaLove's services
and learn if they're the right fit for you.

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and to explore how EarthMamaLove
could possibly serve you on your journey to greater peace and freedom.


There's literally nothing to loose, and just possibly, quite a bit to gain.

I'd love to talk with you to explore possibilities for your journey with EarthMamaLove.

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