We are meant to gather.

We have always gathered.

Come join other women in the ancient practice

of circle.


Welcome to Sacred Circle.

Welcome to Mama Circle.


Using a lightly guided facilitation method rooted firmly in the natural world, we will gather together to share, connect, support, learn, and celebrate.

Why is this a powerful practice?

Well, I don’t know about you, but it’s been a bit of a doozy of a past year. It’s been isolating. It’s been stressful. And being a mama can already be all those things!

Here’s the thing, though--it didn’t always used to be like this.

For a long time in our shared human history, women have gathered together in sacred circle for sharing, support, communion, and community. Wisdom sharing, medicine sharing, story sharing. Gathering around the fire. That was the norm.


The idea with Mama Circle is not necessarily to recreate the ancient practice of women gathering in ritual, but to create it anew for our times. So many of us living in these modern times live fractured lives. I myself have moved more times than I can count, with homes in several western States, and a few continents! It can be hard to build community, and it can be even harder to sustain it through moves and other big life changes.

What if the community itself remained constant, while other facets of our lives continued to ebb and flow and grow and change and evolve?


That’s exactly where Mama Circle comes in.

Whether you’re craving community because you’re at home with a new baby, you’re sheltering in place due to a global pandemic, you live rurally and it’s a 30 minute drive into town, you're newly cohabiting with your domestic partner, or you recently moved to your area and don’t know many people--or all of the above, like me in 2020!!--then Mama Circle can offer you some consistency and solace through it all.


Why the Earth Mama part?

This might be a little more personal. I realize that while I could maybe offer Mama Circle without grounding it in the natural world, that wouldn’t feel like me, and it wouldn’t feel complete.


For years--decades, really--I have found my community, solace, peace, healing, and sources of energy and inspiration from deep connection with the natural world around me. Whether I was in the greenhouse, watching my newly sown seeds germinate in the soft morning light of late winter, walking barefoot over sandstone slickrock in my beloved southern Utah canyon country, or walking the familiar trail near my house and greeting the familiar and familial ponderosa, agave, and blue grama grasses, my times in deep communion with the natural world is when I have felt most whole, complete, and alive.

And now as a mother, there’s nothing I want more than to instill in my young son that comfort and connection with the natural world.


Still have some questions?

I'll try to answer them here.

This sounds cool, but I don’t have kids. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! I use the term ‘mother,’ or ‘mama’ here simply to identify the middle stage of most women's lives--maiden, mother, crone. If you’re currently identifying with this middle stage, whether as a result of having birthed your own biological children, or experiences midwifing and mothering creative projects, art, or 4-leggeds in this world, Mama Circle is for you!

I’m transgender/queer/non-binary/gender non-conforming. Am I welcome?

Yes! I am working to build a space that is as inclusive as possible for all women-identifying folkx. If that’s you, and the Mama Circle resonates with you, please consider joining. If you have questions, and want to first talk further, please reach out and contact me.

I am a woman of color. Will I feel comfortable and safe in this space?

I am committed to my own anti-racist and de-colonizing work. As a cis hetero white educated upper middle class woman, I am aware of my privilege and all the opportunities it has afforded me, and the untold and unheard voices and herstories on which my and my family’s privilege and success rests. The process of unlearning and learning is a process, and a journey that I am committed to.

I’m an introvert. Will I feel comfortable speaking?

I hope so! My role as facilitator is to try and ensure that everyone has time and space to speak and be heard. And as an introvert myself, I have a huge personal commitment to making sure the voices of introverts are heard. :)

Mama Circles are intentionally kept small so that all voices have space to be heard.

Can I join the circle just once to check it out and decide if it’s for me before making a commitment?

Circle work can be transformative, and part of it’s magic lies in the community-building that can only happen with regular convening. Try joining for the whole 6 weeks, I don’t think you’ll regret it! :)

I like the idea of the Mama Circle, but I don’t know anything about herbs or the planets.

Totally ok! As the facilitator of the Mama Circles, I will be grounding some of our practices and questions in the natural world, but no background knowledge in gardening, herbs, plants, or anything else is required.

Is there a schedule or itinerary for the Circles?

Good question!  The circles will follow the pattern set forth by Healing Circles Global, which includes an opening, heart sharing, harvest, and closing. That loose framework will be adapted to each circle to accommodate the specific needs, moods, and preferences of that group at that time. Occasionally, I may pose a question to the group, and occasionally questions may be posed by an individual or group consensus.

I don’t have great access to Wifi. Can I call in?

In order to build a strong, supportive, and safe community, we do ask that participants commit to keeping their video on for as much of the 1 ½ hour circle as possible.

What if I have to miss a Circle? Can I get refunded for the cost of that one circle?

If you have to miss a Circle, we will most certainly miss you. Unfortunately, refunds are not available.

Can I trust that what is shared in the Circle will remain in the Circle?

Yes. Respecting confidentiality and one another’s privacy is one of the community agreements for the Circle Work. For this reason, the sessions will not be recorded. We will follow a set of community agreements set forth by Healing Circles Global.

I’m super bummed, I totally want to join, but the day and time that you’re currently offering don’t work for me!

Don’t worry, I may be offering another circle offering soon in the near future! Contact me to be put on the EarthMamaLove waitlist, and be the first to find out when the next date and time are dropped!

Childcare is an issue for me. Can my kids join?

That is ultimately a personal decision that is up to you based on your needs and goals for the Circle, and your own assessment of your ability to ful

Still have a question not answered here?