Hi, I'm Katherine.

And I was born to do this work.


My whole life I’ve been fascinated by the beauty and wonder of the natural world.


Being in nature has always brought me peace, connection, and groundedness.

I created EarthMamaLove to help other mamas find the same.


EarthMamaLove weaves the wisdom I’ve gathered from time living close to nature and in traditional communities together with mindfulness practices, to help other women find more EarthMama in their lives.


I bring to EarthMamaLove both my personal experiences of growth, exploration, discovery, and actualization, as well as formal learning and training.

This includes time working on organic farms and growing healthy nourishing food for my community, as well as a Master's degree in Sustainable Communities with a focus on ecological literacy. I've studied and practiced integrative massage therapy, birth support work as a doula, and community herbalism. I'm also a proud wife and mother. 


I am privileged to hold space for women from my current home on unceded Ohlone Land.

Interested in joining me on the EarthMamaLove journey?


Hear what others are saying.


"I’ve always admired the mix of intentionality and openness in how Katherine lives and approaches life. As long as I’ve known her, Katherine has been committed to doing work and living in a way that cares for both humans and the natural world. She holds space for others to build upon their own desire to live with more intention in a way that is caring, thoughtful, supportive, and with heart-felt warmth."

Rachel Esbjornson, LMT

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