The Earth Mama Love Kitchen Collective is a thriving group of people offering organic food + drink, catering, workshops, and more, in the heart of downtown Tofino, BC.



Meet the Beings behind Earth Mama Love!


Venita Chow is a holistic energy healer, nature lover and professional dreamer. She loves dancing, creating and experiencing all the beauty life has to offer. Venita has a passion for preparing delicious nourishment and sharing the experience with others.


Beth Katherine is an intuitive life coach for young women + the West Coast Ambassador for Women for Whales. She's a nature-lover, water baby, all around playful spirit, and believes in grassroots actions & the power of community.

Morgan Callison is a lover of life and enjoys living passionately and positively. She knows the world is full of infinite possibilities and has spent her years realizing and actualizing her dreams. She loves painting and being courageously creative in the kitchen. She owns and operates Green Soul Organics, and has spent the last six years connecting with the community through a shared passion for healthy food and whole soul life experience. She may have been a Unicorn in a past life.

Jolene Milan is a nature, travel, and yoga lover with a passion for hammocks hanging by campfires and existential questions that may never be answered. She loves gardening, studying different forms of plant medicine and permaculture, writing, cooking and learning from nature. She firmly believes there is beauty to be found in every moment and that small acts ripple out to infinite ends.

Meredith Mainguy's fun in the kitchen starts with making cosmeceutical bodacious body care with wild crafted botanicals, organic produce and other earthly delights. Having a deep spiritual love affair with her inter dimensional dog Levy, dragons, fairytales and the lore of the land, gives her thrilling insights and cosmic revelations. She believes that business that considers the environment, purity of food and water, quality of life, low carbon imprint and having beneficial relationships within the community sets a positive foundation for a more stress free, sexy, pleasant lifestyle. Permaculture Forever!!!