Introducing Earth Mama Love Kitchen Collective! xo

The Earth Mama Love Kitchen Collective is a thriving group of people offering organic food + drink, catering, workshops, and more, in the heart of downtown Tofino, BC. 

Our base is an atmospheric café which will serve organic, plant-based meals, cold pressed juices, in-house blended apothecary teas, superfood elixirs, smoothies and an abundance of other treats such as raw chocolate, bliss balls and more!


The collective has been formed as a co-operative, which is distinctly different than your average business. In a co-operative model, there are no employees, only part-owners. Everyone on the team is an equal, and chooses to contribute their unique skills + interests to create a harmonic project that both serves the community, and empowers the worker!

Currently, we are in the beginning stages of fundraising - mainly for kitchen renovations and initial start-up costs. As this is a collaborative venture, we decided to fundraise organically and collaboratively - (mainly) through a crowd-funding campaign! 

A crowd-funding campaign is when a community bands together to financially support a project they believe in - whether that's a studio album, or a kitchen collective, like this one! 

Traditionally, every donor receives a gift in return for their donation. 


Our crowd-funding campaign will go live near the beginning of March, and we'd love to have your support! We're offering organic grocery totes, massages, herbal consultations, organic food baskets, and much, much more - in exchange for your generosity!

We'll keep in touch over the next few weeks - sending tid-bits about our team, an invitation to an info-night, and of course, letting you know when the crowd-funding campaign goes live!

If you'd like to get involved right away - you can send some good vibes to the collective, and consider yourself apart of this amazing venture. Our community is our inspiration - and we so appreciate your support!

Lots of love!

xo The Earth Mama Love Co-Founders: Beth, Venita + Morgan