Announcing Our Crowd-funding Campaign!

We are so excited to introduce the launch of our crowd-funding campaign!

The Earth Mama Love Kitchen Collective is
a thriving group of people offering organic food + drink,
catering, workshops, and more, in the heart of downtown Tofino, BC.

We are deeply grateful for any contribution you'd consider making to support our vision - in doing so, you’ll help create a new hub of love + vitality in Tofino, while ensuring all visitors and locals alike can enjoy healthy, organic food on-the-go.

Earth Mama Love Kitchen Collective will open it’s doors in June 2015, and currently, we are needing to renovate our kitchen space so we can serve the community in the way we truly want to. The funds we raise will go to this cause! :)

Please visit our crowd-funding site to help us with this vision - there, you can watch a video and get to know our co-founders: Morgan, Beth, and Venita,while perusing the list of gifts we’re offering you in exchange for your generosity!

So many blessings and much love sent your way!

xo The Ladies of Earth Mama Love: Morgan, Beth, and Venita