Earth Mama Love is expanding! Team Member Application

If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out the following form, and we will be in touch with you! xo



The ideal team member will love customer service + making delicious, organic food. They will be committed to being in a space of love, whenever possible, and open to communicating what is on their mind + heart in a supportive way. This team member has a deep love for Mama Gaia, and wants to work in a fun, inclusive, and supportive environment. 

The team member's role will mostly be in the cafe, on the day-to-day, helping customers and creating amazing edible creations! However all of our positions are flexible, and there is a lot of room for creativity and growth, as you come on board, and learn how things work!

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Angel Tarot Readings by Donation on April 18th!

As part of our crowd-funding efforts as well as our efforts in the LOVE revolution :), Beth will be offering Angel Tarot readings at Green Soul next Saturday April 18th (which also happens to be the New Moon in Aries).

You can pre-book a time when you go into or call Green Soul, or simply just show up on the day-of. 

If you'd like to know more about Beth and her angel readings, please visit her website! You'll also find free guided meditations and the like, to get in touch with your angels better :)

Lots of love!

xo The Earth Mama Love ladies: Beth, Venita + Morgan

The Earth Mama LOVE Revolution is Well Underway!

Hello Earth Mama Love Supporters! Thank you for joining the food revolution Earth Mama Love style!

We are grateful for everything you have done to get us where we are right now!

So far, we have raised just over $2000 through the online campaign plus another $700-ish through our in-store campaign (people are digging this real life experience that they get to touch, feel and smell!) and our Henna Day last weekend brought us just over $200!

It has been beautiful to see what has gotten you excited about the birth of this project.


We have been feeling the joy as we manifest this dream into reality! We are about 4% of our fundraising goal...we're thinking that maybe we'll have to crack into action on some of our back-up fundraising ideas so that we can purchase the equipment that is truly needed for the kitchen to operate (mostly an under the counter fridge and freezer, a display fridge (for all the delicious nutritious treats we'll be whipping up) and some extra counter space. Yeah, the oven door needs fixing but it works non-the-less and I'm sure we can use some pots and pans from home, but if we can, we'd love to be able to have the funds to set-the kitchen up to be super functional as well as having high quality ware so that the kitchen lasts many lifetimes!

We've got some great ideas for some more fundraising and we'll be sure to keep you in the loop so you don't miss out on any of the fun. Thank you for helping us get to where we are right now! We look forward to putting together the gifts that have been claimed and offering them up to you with heaps of gratitude.

If you've got a spare few minutes, if you could share the campaign with your friends - let them know why you've supported this project and ask that they spread the love - That would be so great!

Meeting (5 of 5).jpg

Spread the word, Share the LOVE! Oooooh, and don't forget to check back on the campaign page from time to time, we'll be posting some new exciting gift options over the next few weeks! 

xoxo Thank you thank you! Morgan, Veni & Beth.

Announcing Our Crowd-funding Campaign!

We are so excited to introduce the launch of our crowd-funding campaign!

The Earth Mama Love Kitchen Collective is
a thriving group of people offering organic food + drink,
catering, workshops, and more, in the heart of downtown Tofino, BC.

We are deeply grateful for any contribution you'd consider making to support our vision - in doing so, you’ll help create a new hub of love + vitality in Tofino, while ensuring all visitors and locals alike can enjoy healthy, organic food on-the-go.

Earth Mama Love Kitchen Collective will open it’s doors in June 2015, and currently, we are needing to renovate our kitchen space so we can serve the community in the way we truly want to. The funds we raise will go to this cause! :)

Please visit our crowd-funding site to help us with this vision - there, you can watch a video and get to know our co-founders: Morgan, Beth, and Venita,while perusing the list of gifts we’re offering you in exchange for your generosity!

So many blessings and much love sent your way!

xo The Ladies of Earth Mama Love: Morgan, Beth, and Venita

Our Crowd-Funding Campaign Launches in 3 Days!

Good day to you! We hope you're having a beautiful one :)

This is just a quick note to let you know that we, the ladies of Earth Mama Love, are getting ready to launch our crowd-funding campaign, and we would love to have your support!

A crowd-funding campaign is when a community bands together to financially support a project they believe in. 


We realize that your contribution is a huge honour to receive, and to be in the spirit of reciprocity and gratitude, we are offering all sorts of gifts to say thank you for your donation!

Relaxing massages, home-made soups, angel intuitive sessions, organic dog treats, art prints + cards, hand-crafted jewellery, private dinner parties, and more, will all be offered to you once the campaign goes live!

In just 3 days, we'll be sending you a link to the campaign, and we'd be honoured if you would consider donating. All of the money will be going to kitchen renovations + initial start up costs. We are deeply motivated to serve our community, and passionate about doing it in a way that honours our Earth Mama and our beautiful bodies!

Lots of love to you, and we hope you have the best day ever!
xo The Ladies of Earth Mama Love: Beth, Morgan, and Venita


Introducing Earth Mama Love Kitchen Collective! xo

The Earth Mama Love Kitchen Collective is a thriving group of people offering organic food + drink, catering, workshops, and more, in the heart of downtown Tofino, BC. 

Our base is an atmospheric café which will serve organic, plant-based meals, cold pressed juices, in-house blended apothecary teas, superfood elixirs, smoothies and an abundance of other treats such as raw chocolate, bliss balls and more!


The collective has been formed as a co-operative, which is distinctly different than your average business. In a co-operative model, there are no employees, only part-owners. Everyone on the team is an equal, and chooses to contribute their unique skills + interests to create a harmonic project that both serves the community, and empowers the worker!

Currently, we are in the beginning stages of fundraising - mainly for kitchen renovations and initial start-up costs. As this is a collaborative venture, we decided to fundraise organically and collaboratively - (mainly) through a crowd-funding campaign! 

A crowd-funding campaign is when a community bands together to financially support a project they believe in - whether that's a studio album, or a kitchen collective, like this one! 

Traditionally, every donor receives a gift in return for their donation. 


Our crowd-funding campaign will go live near the beginning of March, and we'd love to have your support! We're offering organic grocery totes, massages, herbal consultations, organic food baskets, and much, much more - in exchange for your generosity!

We'll keep in touch over the next few weeks - sending tid-bits about our team, an invitation to an info-night, and of course, letting you know when the crowd-funding campaign goes live!

If you'd like to get involved right away - you can send some good vibes to the collective, and consider yourself apart of this amazing venture. Our community is our inspiration - and we so appreciate your support!

Lots of love!

xo The Earth Mama Love Co-Founders: Beth, Venita + Morgan